Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Very Cool Vmware Training Courses

It is difficult to get the right sort of Vmware training courses these days when you take in to account everything – most of all the price of the courses. Also, there are disadvantages to some training courses that are too numerous to mention - but at the forefront is the insistence on classroom or lecture based learning when we have all of our twentieth century tools in front of us already.

Certainly you want to be secure in the knowledge that the organization you are going to give all that money to will come up with the goods and give you and your staff the sort of effective training that you need.

With Vmware vsphere training you get all that and more – instant access once you sign up. Plus there are no woolly generalizations that you can get in a classroom environment. These courses are conducted using real world scenarios- in other words the problems that you would come across at work are dealt with on these courses. There is nothing quite as good as a sensible, hands on approach like this.

Plus if you are one of these people (like me) who learn best by solving problems, then you should really take the time to learn more about Vmware. Instead of boring lecture based sessions you are taken on (as it were) by a fictitious organization. Then, you are given problems to which you have to find the solutions – all under the expert guidance of an instructor. To make it all the more realistic these problems are all solved on a live network.

You have to admit – that’s pretty cool.