Saturday, 24 April 2010

How to Cut Your Home Electricity Usage

One hot topic of conversation that invariably comes up where I work is just how much more it seems to cost these days, simply to get by month by month.  As my lovely old Gran used to say, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.  Some small, simple and above all easy steps can be made in order for you to reduce your electricity usage and as such your bill.

First of all, compare the tariffs between the different energy suppliers that you could use.  You may be a little startled at the difference.  One thing that won’t startle you, however, is just how easy it is to switch to the electricity provided that you have chosen.

Many energy suppliers will provide you with both your gas and electricity so it is well worth looking in to the deals available out there for you.

Of course, saving electricity can be as easy as making sure that your electrical equipment is turned off when you go out or to bed – you may be very surprised at just how much you can save by doing this.

Yes, we know this can take time and often that is the one thing you haven’t got.  However, did you know that there is such a thing as a standby saver that is inexpensive and easy to use?

There are any number of energy efficient products out there of which you might not be truly aware.
There are eco-kettles out there, gadgets that will charge up your mobile or MP3 using the power of the sun, and of course everyone’s favourite the energy saving light bulb.

You can even buy eco friendly TVs these days and if hubby spends a lot of time in the garden shed you can run the lighting in there with solar power for less than twenty five pounds for the hardware.

All in all it’s a really good idea to look in to how to save electricity at home – just think of the little treats you can get yourself by reducing your energy bills.

After all, if you pay the bills, no one else has to know how successfully you have reduced them!