Monday, 1 June 2009

Direct TV in the Crane Household

When it comes to getting the right Direct TV to your home it is so important to make the right choices. Many services these days will tailor your choice of channels, so that effectively you are only paying for what you want. And you can get exactly what you want, bespoke TV. I wonder what choices some of the characters of Frazier would make?

Martin Crane would probably want the local Direct T V news and sports shows, very much rooted in Seattle as he is. Of course, the sports would probably have to be national as well. He might also want a few nature channels to keep Eddie the dog entertained on boring afternoons.

Daphne Moon would no doubt want international Direct Satellite TV to be beamed in to the household, so she can keep up with the news from the UK. She would no doubt also want the latest in movies to be available in the home.

Roz Doyle, an occasional visitor to the household would probably want something a little more adult when she is babysitting Eddie. Up to date soap operas (a guilty pleasure for her) delivered in high definition on the Direct Satellite TV would be exactly up her street.

Frasier Crane – the man himself. I always imagined that he would want a Digital Video Recorder Service so he can catch up on things while he was busy on his radio show. Satellite Directv would be de rigeur, to catch the latest European art films. Plus, the latest in High Definition would be a must, so he could boast to his brother Niles about it.


Todd D. said...

Great article, good point