Saturday, 21 November 2009

Spider Man and The Addams Family - the Musicals?

I guess it was only a matter of time before The Addams Family got the musical treatment - after all, there are many elements of the musical already in the story.  A fairly large family, each with their own unique characteristics just begs for a musical to be born from its storyline.  So it is, and the new Addams Family musical is with us already.  With the likes of Nathan Lane in the part of Gomez Addams it looks like it will be a surefire hit.  I would love to go and see it, for sure.  I have no doubt that must be going like hot cakes.

A little more difficult, perhaps, would be the concept of a musical about Spider-Man.  The superhero has millions of fans so I have no doubt that are no doubt one of the hot choices at the moment.  I know that theatrical effects have come a long way but I would love to get a behind the scenes look at how they are going to manage to propel Spidey from one side of the stage to another without him looking like Peter Pan on acid.  are already available and I am assured that the show is going to be mind blowing.  Mind you, the show is coming at us with a huge pedigree - the music and lyrics are by Bono and The Edge from the legendary rock band U2 - that bodes very well to begin with.  Plus the cast include the marvellous Alan Cumming and Rachel Evan Wood (pictured), taking some time off from Hollywood film duties.  Altogether it sounds like a wonderful stage experience.

Given the choice I am really not sure which production I would go and see - if I could do both then life would be almost perfect.  One thing is for sure though, and must be one of the popular theatre choices of the moment.