Thursday, 12 November 2009

Astronomical Clocks - Literally and Metaphorically

Astronomical clocks can be found the world over, but the lion's share is located in Europe.  From Prague to Well, Lund to Strasbourg these magnificent and ancient mechanisms combine astronomy, astrology and time-keeping.  The work that must have gone in to these clocks is simply breathtaking.

From the article:
The term atronomical
clock is one that is used fairly loosely.  Effectively any clock that shows astronomical information – as well as the time – can be so classified.  They can show the location of the sun in the sky, for example.  In addition to that they can show the position of the moon – and further information such as its phase and its age.  Others go further and show the current sign of the zodiac or even go as far as showing a rotating map of the stars.  We will begin with perhaps the most famous example, the Orloj of Prague.

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