Sunday, 22 November 2009

Jedward X Factor Spoof Poster a Hit for the Labour Party

Politicians may come across as self-obsessed and humourless and why not?  That's usually what they are, after all.  However, someone in the marketing department of the Labour Party has got it spot on in their latest spoof poster.

The X-Factor favourites, Jedward, are seen to have morphed in to no less than Conservative leader David Cameron and his sometimes somewhat sinister Shadow Chancellor George Osborne.  Scarily, the poster tells the general public that "You Wo't Be Laughing If They Win."

Never a truer word spoken in jest!

The Labour Party Website features the poster with 'David Cameron and George Osborne are the Jedward of politics. Hilarious to watch. All spin and no substance. But you won’t be laughing if they win.'

And just in case you don't know what Jedward look like, here they are in all their glory.  Nice one, Labour.  Perhaps you are in touch with the people, after all!


Anonymous said...

I'd rather not laugh at them than Gordon Clown

Anonymous said...

Being an ardent hater of the The Crap Factor somehow this has made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to do things like this?