Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hanging With The Homebirds - Upside Down!

Some birds like nothing more than hanging around - either with their friends or simply on their own. Strange, though, how many seem to enjoy doing it upside down. Take a look at these birds and their peculiar positions.  And please don't worry - without getting all Monty Python on you, the little fellah below is most certainly not a dead parrot.

From the article:
It most certainly looks funny, if not sometimes hilarious. However, many first time bird owners get a little worried when Polly stands on her head as it were. Can you imagine, you have begun to love your little avian amigo and then you come down the stairs on morning to be greeted with your pet vertically recumbent and unmoving, Little wonder so many bird owners take a while to see the funny side the first time it happens. Frici the lovebird above looks as if it is ready for the oven (though he is quite safe – proof further down the article). So why do birds sometimes like to hang out upside down?

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