Saturday, 21 November 2009

Photobooks Shouldn't Cost the Earth

I have been to a number of wonderful occasions over the last year or so - one or two weddings and a christening thrown in for good measure too.  Quite often the hosts want to remember the occasion and they have put in an order for a Premium Photobook afterwards only to be dismayed by the results.

I have discoverd recently a great place to ensure that Premium Photobooks are just that and what is more are for both the public and professional photographers.  That means that you don't have to go through a professional photographer to get them.  However, I know that professional photographers read this blog and Premium Photobooks can also be ordered with a trade discount.

These occasions are so important that - almost as importantly, it is vital that the Premium Photobook that you order is not a disappointment and place a shadow over the whole event.  So the trick is to find a provider that will give you top quality  but not at top prices.  Customer service is important too and when you buy a Premium Photobook you need to know that you will not just be treated as another customer number.