Sunday, 4 July 2010

Whaling in the 20th Century

Taken around the beginning of the 20th century, whalers in South Georgia stand alongside their catch. The demand for margarine and meat was quite high during the 20th century, along with whale oil during the 19th century. Whalers flocked to the waters to collect their catch, a catch that would in turn provide them a hefty sum of cash.

Whale oil is still used to this day, as well as the meat, sold on the commercial markets in certain countries.

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The Evolution of Whales Over the Centuries

Comparative Psychology suggests that animals tend to change when placed in certain surroundings that may altar normal behaviors. This may be caused by climatic changes, population growth, or possibly even being exposed to new form of species that intermix. This has been the case for the evolution of whales over the centuries. Why is it that whales are so diverse in their genetic makeup? The Evolution of Whales Over the Centuries