Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bunk Beds - Scenic Furniture and Adventure Space Too!

Kids are great – we pretty much all agree on that – and they excel at all sorts of things.  One activity they are really good at is breaking up the furniture in the house (usually by accident, of course!).   So when we came across this brilliant idea for bunk beds we thought we just had to share them with you.  Let the kids try to break these!

It is one of a number of very cool rustic designs made by the family run company Scenic Furniture which provides a range of furniture in the rustic tradition.  As well as that classic rustic look these beds are sturdy enough to last your kids well in to their teens.  In fact, in all likelihood, they will still be around in plenty of time for you to provide your grandchildren with a cool adventure bed when they visit and they will get the extra fun of knowing that mom or dad slept there when they were that size too.  They really are wonderfully and sturdily produced, with built in ladders and wonderful splashes of color.

As well as bunk beds this company makes all sorts of different furniture in the classic rustic style.  Many of their pieces have the bark peeled away to reveal the real beauty of the wood below but much of it retains the original bark.  Check the website out.