Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Best Films of the Decade - This One!

We love a good list to muse over here at Webphemera Towers, and being movie buffs this fascinating list of the top hundred best films of the first decade of the twenty first centure really got our attention - cue a very long (and sometimes emotional) arguement about the positioning of the films in this list.  You have to give it to them - the best films are most certainly there, such as The Prestige, pictured above.  However, what really got the goat of this particular blogger was their positioning, at number three, of There Will Be Blood.  This was a film that bored the pants off me (metaphorically, unfortunately) and made me numb to the core with its vile central character who showed no redeeming qualities at all.  As a Tragic Hero one of the rules of the game is that they realise their flaw, even as they die. Not in this movie.  Anyway, I pretty much agree with the rest of the list - generally!

It is a brave attempt, too, not to make such a list too Hollywood centric.  World Cinema gets more than a look in and a nod here.  Perhaps, after all, the age of great movies is not over - this list proves that lament to be unfounded.

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