Monday, 3 May 2010

Chop Or Not?

What would you cut in order to alleviate the deficit?  Want to make those hard choices?  Take a look at this brilliant online game which gives you the opportunity to decide that fate of the nation!

With the recent example of Greece in our minds we all know that to spend too much money as a country will always end in tears.  You probably (like me) sat in front of the news wondering just how an industrialised country like Greece got itself in to so much of a mess.  Well, now if your chance to find out if you can do any better getting a country out of another fine mess.

Channel 4 in the UK has just released a great online game called - and it gives you the opportunity to decide what you are going to financially chop in order to restore the balance sheets of the UK.  It is really good fun - and not as easy as you may think!  Some of the choices you are faced with are difficult to say the least - you may find out more about yourself than you suspect!