Sunday, 23 May 2010

Liam McNally - Astounding Young Soprano on Britain's Got Talent (Video)

An amazing young talent was seen on British TV screens for the first time this evening. Liam McNally is an ordinary looking boy with a simply astounding voice. Plus, as Simon Cowell said so rightly on tonight's show he does not look like your run of the mill spoiled stage brat - he looks like he really means it when he is singing.  Is it too early or can we already say that this year's competition already has a winner?

At first I thought his rendition of Danny Boy was a choice that would be labelled by the judges as very old fashioned but then, as it got properly underway, the crowd really got behind him and the lad's voice simply soared.  And soared.  The audience were left simply gobsmacked - until Liam hit a really high note and then they just went simply crazy.

Simon Cowell then did one of his lttle tricks.. "I wouldn't call you a good singer", he said to the boos of the audience.  Then he paused and added, "I would call you a great singer".  Piers Morgan added that he was a serious contended to win this year's Britain's Got Talent competition.  The lass who sits in the middle of them just looked dazed.  No change there then.

This was truly one of those Susan Boyle moments if you know what I mean.  Something quite special happened on our TV screens tonight - the birth of a new star?  Perhaps - and although it may have been churlish (just a little!) for Simon Cowell to point out the obvious, Liam McNally can only take advantage of his wonderful voice for a short time before the inevitable happens and his voice breaks.

I wouldn't expect very high odds on him at William Hill tomorrow, put it that way!



Glynis said...

That is the first time I have heard this. He has an incredible voice. When it breaks, he will find a new tone, he is a natural singer.

Andrea said...

I can't believe how much I love that show! I don't care for American Idol, but for some reason, my girls and I love Britain's Got Talent! I think it's Ryan Seacrest that irritates me!

Anonymous said...

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