Sunday, 5 October 2008

Glynis Smy Publishes Her Poetry

Webphemera contributor has published her first volume of poetry. The book, “From My Heart Inside My Head” houses her personal poetry plus a collection inspired by her move from the United Kingdom to Cyprus.

Glynis explains, “We all have ambitions in our lives, I wanted to become a Nurse and achieved my dream. I also secretly housed a desire to see my poetry in print. In 2007 I realized this dream, I self published for my 50th birthday present to myself.”

It has now given Glynis the courage to go ahead and write a second book. She aims to make this new volume a little less personal and it will include a variety of work she has written since the first. The title is going to be “Sticky Sandwiches”. This lovely name is taken from the title of one of the poems that will be in the new volume, a reflection of her free childhood days in the fields of England. You can get a taste of Glynis’ work at the web publishing site, .

If that leaves you wanting more, then why not order a copy of “From My Heart Inside My Head” for yourself? Congratulations to Glynis from all of us here at Webphemera. This blog was set up to showcase the work of online writers and it’s great to see someone make the jump to paper as well!


Glynis said...

Bless you! Thank You! I say to all, find the courage to do it, it is worth the ego trip ;0

Verniel Cutar said...

Great job, Glynis! I wish I can write a book someday, too. But for now, I'll have to be contented with contributing articles online. I wish you well on the distribution of your books, and more success for your future works!

Jackie Stroud-Painter said...

I posted your book on my Facebook page but I don't know if it's still there but I am trying to get people to buy your book. I want to buy it as soon as I have money.