Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Evis T. Wins 2nd Place in Writing Competition

Even more good news from Webphemera contributors!

(pictured in the centre of the collage to the left, raising a pint!) has recently won second place in a writing competition on the Xomba website. The competetion was tow rite an article - "Which fictional character would I be?".

Those of you familiar with Evis' work won't be too surprised to learn that he chose Doctor Who, the time-travelling wanderer who has been gracing the TV screen of the United Kingdom since 1963.

Huge congratulations to Evis! The article is very entertaining and great fun to read.

Here is the run down of the competition winners.

If you would like to read the article, click here. Even those of you who do not know what Doctor Who is (is there anyone?) will not fail to recognise excellent writing!

Great work, Evis!


Glynis said...

Oh how fantastic for him!!! A well deserved win I might add

lizzie said...

Well done!¬