Monday, 15 February 2010

The World’s Coolest Yet Affectionate Pet Dogs

There is very little chance, if you are a dog lover like me, that you will agree with every single breed on this list as it covers dogs both large and small.  Myself, I like dogs big - the bigger the better as the bigger they get the dafter they seem to be.  That fits in with my idea of what a great dog should be - big and daft - but also clever too.  It isn't that I can't be doing with little dogs - each to their own as it were - but as I am a clumsy kind of guy I think I would always be worrying that I would inadvertantly welly one over to the other side of the room because I just hadn't noticed it.  Anyway, take a look at this list compiled by and see if you agree with it - and whether your own personal favorite has made it!

The World’s Coolest Yet Affectionate Pet Dogs | The Real Owner

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