Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Internet 2009 in numbers

If you are like us here at Webphemera Towers then you  have to be in a particular mood in order to want to peruse enormous amounts of facts and figures.  However, the statistics for the Internet always make for fascinating reading, especially when you have been surfing it for as long as we have.  Why, it seems only yesterday that a pie chart of Internet users would have the USA dominating the cake - with 99.9 percent (OK, that's an exaggeration) of users coming from the States.

Sometimes, though, the lists are out of date but this is about the most contemporary one you are going to find.  It covers last year - and boy it is quite an eye-opener.  Go take a look- everyone will find something of use here, particularly those of you still at High School who are doing projects on the subject.  The age of the European is over, at least in terms of the Internet.

Internet 2009 in numbers | Royal Pingdom

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