Friday, 5 February 2010

Funny Vacation Rental Commercial

Have you ever reserved that for that hard earned time away and looked forward to it for weeks if not months, only to then be disappointed when you get to your destination?  You know - the usual thing, smaller than it looked, strange things in the sink, smell of dog? 

Thought so.  Then you might well want to watch the YouTube video above or visit the website to learn about how to avoid a vacation disaster.  Of course, you may well not get the your actual superhero Unitard to help you out, but this funny commercial gives you all the right pointers if his super hearing saves you and you have to rely on common sense!

Visit to see how to avoid the pitfalls of booking a vacation and revel in the first on screen appearance of Unitard - a real hero for our times.  Oh and if you have any great ideas about future situations this new superhero can find himself in, then your ideas are most welcomed by the fols running this superior holiday experience.

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