Monday, 15 February 2010

IDrive Backup

I’ve lost all my work!  This is a cry I have heard so many times and my usual reply is ‘did you do a backup?’.  You can probably make a guess as to the general answer.  So many people lose their treasured words and pictures – often amounting to everything they have on their machine – because they overlook to back up their work.  Thank goodness then for a simple and easy Online Backup.

Most people lose their stuff (and I will call it that because although for me it is words and pictures that I would lose if I failed to do a backup many people have a couple of year’s worth of music files on their laptop or PC) for two reasons.  Either they forget or delay doing one or (and let’s be honest here) they are a little afraid of the technical processes involved in a backup and have never had any training.  An Online Backup helps out here – to an extent where you will never have to worry about the safety of your files again. 

IDrive is an Online Backup that takes the threat of your machine going pop on you away.  What is more it doesn’t just cover PCs – it is available for the Mac, iPhones and blackberries.  Guess what, too?  You don’t have to be an IT wizard to learn how to use it.  IDrive has lots of video demos showing you how to get started (no one ever taught you how to do a backup, did they?) and it is so easy to use your Grandmother could do it.  I don’t want to disparage grandmothers in general, of course – it is just that if I had said a child could do it then you would have just shrugged your shoulders – kids seem to be able to do anything connected with a computer these days!

If you are a little old fashioned and don’t go for video tutorials (which are great) then IDrive has a downloadable user guide for you to print off – win, win in my books.  Using an Online Backup also means that you do not have to worry about any of your equipment failing - you can access you Online Backup from any PC as long as it has an Internet connection.

What is more, IDrive offers 2 gigabytes of storage free and if that isn’t enough you can sign up for their 150 gigabyte plan for less than five dollars a month.  If you think about what that can buy you these days, then you soon realise that this Online Backup system is something of a bargain.  Everything is completely secure – you even get your own password which isn’t stored on IDrive’s servers.

Using an Online Backup is ideal for small businesses or if you have large backup needs (who doesn’t these days?).    Take a look at IDrive now before you forget!

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