Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Enlightenment: The Role of Women in Society

It is strange how many children today are taken aback (if not aghast) at the position women have held in society throughout history.  However, many have redoubtable spirits and during the Enlightenment period there were many who had no fear when it came to standing up and being counted.

This cool article by focuses on a few, particularly Margaret Cavendish, one of the great debaters of the period.  It is odd in a way that the period was called the Enlightenment as she and her fellows must have had a daily struggle simply to have themselves taken seriously. 

It still happens today - this article has itself been slaughtered by the trolls over at reddit - for no apparent reason other than the fact that Lauren is a woman.  Some regressive behavior, it seems, cannot simply be trained away.  Take a look at the article and make your own mind up!

Enlightenment: The Role of Women in Society | Socyberty

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Lauren said...

Thanks for blogging this RJ. They have removed some of the negative, and by negative I mean nasty, comments on reddit.

I never claimed to be an expert or a professional writer, but I do what I can with the abilities I have. I just think they read it and immediately thought it would be a great idea to tell me to stick it.

It was a historical piece based on historical fact. Are we really still at the point in the world that men think all people outside the realm of the normal Heterosexual male is wrong in every aspect?


Love Ya