Thursday, 18 February 2010

Let There Be Light

Many people find it difficult to get excited anymore about mankind's forays in to space.  I often feel that I have been born a generation or two too early as there is nothing more I would love to do than get up there!  Unfortunately at the moment the collective income of Webphemera Towers may just get us a wet weekend in Wigan for our next jaunt - but certainly not outer space.

This amazing picture was taken yesterday as the International Space Station floated above the Sahara Desert.  This is the room with a view that has been featured on the news a lot recently and here the pilot of Endeavor, Terry Virts opened each of the windows (the shields on them, I am guessing rather than the window itself!).  This image was then tweeted back to earth by one of the astronauts that had helped install it.  Wonderful.


Chris Stonecipher said...

Incredible!! I have always been fascinated with space. I remember when I was a youngster, that we went to a planetarium. It was a great experience that just wet my appetite for space science.

Glynis said...

Wow what a photo!