Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Volcanic Seven Summits

Pico de Orizaba, also called Citlaltépetl is the highest mountain in Mexico.  It is also the third highest in North America, behind Mount McKinley and Mount Logan. It is a 5,636 m (18,490 ft) above sea level high dormant stratovolcano found in the eastern end of the of the Sierra Nevada, also known as the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. It also has another claim to fame.  It is one of the Volcanic Seven Summits.  Each continent has a highest volvano and this is it for South America. This spellbinding article by covers all seven - with some marvellous photography (the above not included) to book.

The Volcanic Seven Summits | Scienceray

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Anne Lyken-Garner said...

Sounds like an exciting article. I'll check it out, since I'm a South American girl. Did you mean 'boot'?