Wednesday, 17 February 2010

PHPAS V4 - Php Arcade Script Software

Have you ever wanted to develop your own internet based arcade games? Many would like to but what stops them is the dreaded word programming. In terms of scripting languages the letters php can strike almost immediate fear in to the faint hearted. However, what if you could create an online arcade in a way that Knowledge of php is NOT required?

is exactly what you are looking for if that is the case. With this amazing software you can make a website that will become the fully featured flash games arcade of choice for your friends and family. They will quickly recommend it to others and before you know it you may have a hugely successful website from which you make money.

Another cool thing about is that it already comes with over 3,000 games. That is more than enough to keep anyone happy for a year or two! These games do not have to remain as they are, though – you can make any customization to the games that you are like as they are all 100% un-encoded.
Joining the had other advantages – and that isn’t just because it has Free Support and Upgrades for LIFE. There is a huge community there who help each other out in terms of advice and guidance. They also give loads of great tips about modifications to the arcade games which will give you an advantage in the marketplace (even though you can just keep your arcade between you, your friends and family.

There are many other excellent features of such as the choice of multiple templates so you can switch easily between them for your site(s).  Here is just one of the may examples available on the left. 

There is also a comment spam feature that comes with the software but one of the best features is that it comes with built in SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. That means that once you are up and running you will already have lots of search engine friendly links on your site.

Other great features of include a friends and members facility to help encourage registration and return visits to your site and real time statistics that are always up to date – your users will be in competition with each other to get to the number one spot almost at once.

See our tutorial guide at which goes through the whole process from installation to marketing your arcade.

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