Sunday, 8 March 2009

Carnival: Dirty Jenny in Aalst!

Carnival! When asked to name one, most people would say Rio in the blink of an eye. Not so here at Webphemera where we eschew the exotic for the rather more bizarre. Here, takes us on a colourful guided tour of the Aalst carnival in Belgium. If you want wierd, ladies and gentlemen, head to Europe!

From the article:
All the world loves a party and what better way to party is there than a carnival. Especially if you are a cross dresser living in Belgium and can take to the streets as Voil Jeannetten or Dirty Jenny. This well-kept secret is a brilliant example of a spirit that the Belgians keep well hidden. Introverts should strictly stay away!

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You have picked the best of the best to showcase on your blog. I read the whole story at Triond. This is a really well put together collection. Enjoyed them all!

jo oliver