Sunday, 22 February 2009

Longmen Grottoes: Amazing Caves

Come on a journey to China and discover the mystique of the Longmen Caves - virtually unheard of in the West. This arrticle discusses these amazing cave systems (many of them too vilnerable to be open to the public) with some great pictures too.

From the article:-
Longmen Grotto Caves are numerous caves collectively, among them there are Lotus (Lianhua) Flower Cave, Juxiansi Cave which is the largest of the Longmen Caves collective, Medical Prescription Cave, Guyang Cave, Fengxian Cave and many more. Besides the ever-present Buddha theme, lotus flowers are a common and recurring element in the relief carvings at this site. The cave “Medical Prescription Cave” is aptly named for its entrance is adored with inscriptions that document some one-hundred and forty 6th century remedies and curatives for common ailments. Some of the homeopathic prescriptions inscribed upon these entrance walls are still in use in modern China today.
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