Sunday, 4 October 2009

Ellen Craft's Illusion

Georgia in the 1840s was not a particularly great place in which to be black.  Slavery was fully in place and everyday freedoms and travel were severely restricted for the burgeoning African-American population.  Little wonder then that Ellen Craft and her husband decided they would produce no children until they were free.  After all, their offrspring could ultimately be sold by their owners right from under their feet.  In a story that involves much derring-do and more than a little cross dressing the pair made their way to freedom.

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At age twenty she met William Craft who was also a slave. William’s owner rented him out to a carpenter and from the small amount of his wages his owner let William keep, he could save some money. Ellen loved William but she didn’t want to get married and bring children into the world as slaves. They considered escaping but how could they? There were no underground railroad stops here and it was a long dangerous journey to the north.


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