Sunday, 14 September 2008

Webphemera Gets the Wink!

Webphemera seems to be taking off! Well, at least a little but every little helps for a new blog! Thanks first to for giving the blog a name check in his recent article. You can read what he has to say here.

Thanks also go to . He shares my initials but is no relation! He gave Webphemera the thumbs up in his recent article about blogs. He gave his article the title Eight Great Blogs You Didn't Know Existed. Read it here.

Hopefully, Webphemera will soon be a great blog of which you do know the existence! Many thanks to both RJ and Nelson for including Webphemera in their on-line articles!

If you like the blog, please don't forget there are ways and means to stay in touch with things as they happen! Look down the right hand side and you can 'follow' the blog or become a friend. You can also choose set up a feed which will let you know when new stuff gets posted here!

Thanks for all the support since the blog started! It is really encouraging and I would have possibly lost heart without all the encouraging remarks and emails!

Cheers from London!