Thursday, 17 March 2011

When people start to blog they often do not go in to it with their eyes open – at least in terms of the money that they will make. There is an idea in their mind of the dollars (or whatever currency!) rolling in with little effort and the wakeup call that usually happens a few months later leads many people to give up blogging altogether.

What is needed, more often than not, is a diversification in terms of the revenue that you get from your blog. I have now been working with for several months and have found it a brilliant way to increase my revenue for my blog without losing the openness and honesty that I need for my readership. In fact their code of conduct explicitly encourages (if not demands!) that bloggers remain themselves when it comes to ebuzzing campaigns. You can read more at their if you are interested.

As a blogger with several (successful) years in the blogosphere under my belt I can thoroughly recommend both ebuzzing and the methods it uses. I would like to see a lot more supermarkets take advantage of this sort of advertising route. After all, the majority of people are now online and more and more people are doing their food and household shopping on line.

As an eco friendly guy I long ago realised that shopping and delivery online was a much better way of me to help reduce my carbon footprint. It was one of the only things that I used my car for and getting all the heavy things delivered (at the same time as lots of other deliveries) means that the gas used in much reduced overall.

In other words, advertising by supermarkets to increase the number of people who shop online could significantly reduce the carbon footprint of thousands of people who would otherwise be the only person in a gas guzzling car, wasting time going to do the family shop.