Sunday, 2 January 2011

Dance Central on the Xbox 360 - Game on!

Xbox Dance Central

It is time for some serious fun! If you like to dance but sometimes hesitate on the dance floor when it comes to showing your moves off in public, then Dance Central on the Xbox 360 is probably what you have been waiting for.

By the time you have enjoyed this amazing gaming experience for the ninety ninth time (we did warn you!) then you will probably be ready to dance anywhere – and probably without realising it! My typical dance move is usually one foot forward, one foot back and so on – it is more of a shuffle than a dance to be perfectly honest.

I have to say that there have been many times when I have wished that I was a better dancer. Dance Central is the ultimate way to combine gameplay pleasure with improving your dancing techniques. Thanks to the kinect you can perform dance moves and score when you get it right. There is a single player mode as well as a dance battle mode in which you can go head-to-head with a friend. Take a look at this video to see how it’s done.